Thursday, October 12, 2006

Consider Your Work Environment

Our CEO has made it pretty clear that he thinks a dynamic work environment (retractable shades for skylights, dual flat screen monitors for everyone, fully stocked kitchen with delicious snacks, ping pong table, drum set, really comfortable couches, working in a huge loft in SOHO, etc) will help his employees produce top-notch work. I happen to agree and I feel very fortunate to be working in the environment I am in. Then I happened to come across this article. My personal favorites is the Red Bull HQ in London, complete with a slide to get from one floor to the one below. Yea, there's a freakin slide in there office. Notable mention to Mindlab in Copenhagen seemed dope from the pictures and even has a meeting room with white board walls (you can write on anything in the room). I also kept trying to visualize my execs taking their weekly meetings on the conference bike. Funny as hell.

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