Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Apartment Search Is Over!

Just kidding. But, today Shaf sent an email out to the squad telling us that the Harkness Mansion, a 50-foot wide century-old townhouse in the Upper East Side was finally sold. The asking price was a cool $55 mil... not much really. The going price? The mystery buyer paid $46 mil... What a bargain! Must have been a member of the tribe. Just take a look at this floorplan. On a side note, my first ever NYC apartment was a gigantic 340 sq ft, and that's on a hot day. According to the estimated $2,736/sq ft that the Harkness Monster was able to pull, that would put my apartment @ $930,240. HAAAAAAAAAAA. Tomorrow my real apartment search continues @ 11AM.. going to check out a place on 63rd & 2nd (or 62nd & 3rd). Whichever it is, that's putting me awfully close to this family establishment. I'm not one to throw away money, but that's pretty tempting. There's also a hookah bar nearby that is a complete ripoff, but still a good local spot. My fingers are crossed... need an apartment ASAP.

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