Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Clint-pranos/Hillary gets booed

Hillary's new commercial is really corny, even though Bill makes a cameo. It also brings up the sore subject of The Sopranos shit ending, which I still hate David Chase for.

Hillary also had a pretty boring speech today at TBA 2007... that is until she got booed for blaming the Iraqi government's failure to make tough decisions. Those boos quickly turned into cheers from her young supporters (who apparently were given free tickets to the conference). She also promised to bring all the troops back "When I am President!" I actually thought Kucinich was awesome today. The guy has so much conviction, and the best part is he doesn't speak in those terrible cliches i.e. "The other day I went to _____ (insert small town in Midwest here) and I spoke with a group of _____ (insert disenfranchised group of unfortunate souls here)."

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