Thursday, June 21, 2007



Web Series "nextNYers" Enters Production

"nextNYers, a new weekly web series and iTunes podcast about the New York Metro Web, Media, and Technology community is now entering production in the For Your Imagination studios. The web series is being produced by For Your Imagination and nextNY, a fun way to connect both socially and professionally with young people who have a stake in future of tech and new media in New York City.

nextNYers will feature a 3-5 minute interview with key personnel, highlights of the company pitch and offerings in every episode. The goal of the series is to help the featured companies gain exposure to investors, press, job seekers, other tech and media companies and analysts. The show is expected to launch on July 9, 2007 on the nextNY web site,

New York Metro companies will be selected based on their industries and on a first come first served basis to allow companies of all levels to have the opportunity to be featured. Interview questions will include company history, description, advantages, competitors, long term plans, challenges and opportunities."

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