Sunday, June 10, 2007

Why nobody is watching Game 2...

So Game 1 of the NBA Finals set a record for the lowest rating ever for an opening game during prime time. Wow... I wonder what's going to happen during Game 2 , going up against the most highly anticipated series finale since Saved By The Bell ended. David Stern, I expected more from you. I would love to hear the logic behind delaying the game another night and then pinning it up against Sopranos. I have the last 6 episodes to catch up on, so I am not watching the finale tonight. I personally would like to see Tony die. I don't want to see a movie or another series spin-off or any crap like that. End in style... kind of like winning a championship and then retiring. If they continue this thing any further, they will definitely run the risk of "jumping the shark."

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