Friday, July 20, 2007

Brett "Stilts" Adams has got that 2.0 fever!

My old college hockey teammate, Brett Adams (more affectionately know to me as "Stiltsie" due to the fact he is probably 7"5) is doing big things for the startup community in Orlando. Through his blog, Startup Students, he has created a great resource of information and insight for anyone (specifically UCF students) interested in honing their entrepreneurial skills. Not only does he manage his blog, but he also runs his own web design firm, Brett Adams Design. Check out his site to see some of his most recent projects. ***Brett might be doing some work for Confabb... more details to come.

Brett has big things in store with an upcoming project that I have had the privilege to get a first glimpse of. I can't let you know any of the details just yet, but I can say it won't be another one of those "I have a great idea for a web 2.o startup that will not solve any problems or do anything worthwhile for anyone, but will look cool!" I'm proud of you Stilts!

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