Sunday, July 29, 2007

Real Journalism-VICE and Max Blumenthal

Lately I have been relying on different forms of media for my news. For a while, it was strictly in the mornings, then Daily Show and Colbert Report at night for commentary on what went down that day.

I have been a fan of VICE for a while... probably since my trip to LA with Evan, Jose and G-Money 6 years ago. The VICE Guide to Travel is a must have in your DVD collection. I am now a huge fan of their ***WARNING*** Do not visit this site w/o being ready to spend a few hours buried in entertaining content i.e. tons of music videos, documentaries (the Sudan doc is intense), etc.

At the Take Back America 2007 conference in DC last month, I was exposed to Max Blumenthal's work for the first time (check his blog here). He goes to different events around the country and tries to blend in with the audience. He always manages to get kicked out at some point when he barks up the wrong tree, but it all leads to great, insightful footage. Check out his newest adventure at the Christians United for Israel's annual Washington-Israel Summit.

The reason I mention VICE and Max Blumenthal in the same post is that they both manage to go places and meet people and do things that I always wanted to know more about, but will never have the chance to experience myself. So this is a thank you to both VICE and Max.

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