Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Beastie Boys @ Hammerstein, 8/10/07

What an amazing show, and what an amazing venue Hammerstein is. This is only the second time I saw the Beastie Boys live (which is totally unacceptable in my book), but it was so memorable that it will resonate in my mind forever. I have to say that I didn't miss Mix Master Mike (real name Michael Schwartz) as much as I thought I would... the former Skratch Pikl is an all-time favorite of mine and is known for his live performances, but the band was on point and on fiyah all night long.

Money Mark on the keys also makes a HUGE difference.

"Keyboard Money Mark You Know He's Not Having It.
Just Give Him Some Wood And He'll Build You A Cabinet."
- Mike D from Finger Lickin' Good

We were waiting all night for them to throw down Sabotage, and they finally hit us with it at the very end. See the chaos that ensues here.

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