Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Best Rapper Alive

Lil Wayne has grown up a lot since the early days of Cash Money Millionaires. There was a long period of time that I could not stand to hear him rap because he always sounded so damn ignorant. Maybe it was when he started to mess around with Dipset... or maybe when he started to wear Bape. Whatever it was, he truly is "The Best Rapper Alive." Ya dig?

All you need for proof of this bold statement is to listen to his lyrical prowess on his newest mixtape, Da Drought 3. Each song on this album is just 1 long simile and metaphor. He says stuff that is strays on the line of retarded and genius, but normally tends to lean more towards the latter. One of the many highlights from Drought is the "We Takin' Over (Remix)" (just reading these lyrics doesn't nearly do it the justice it deserves, so you can listen to it here).

Recently MTV2 had a panel to vote the top 10 rappers out right now.
Here is the list:
10-Jim Jones
9- Common
8- 50 Cent
7- Jay-Z
6- Young Jeezy
5- Kanye West
4- Andre 3000
3- Game
2- T.I.
1- Lil Wayne

I only agree with 4 of the picks, especially #1... Lil Wayne. Common, Jay-Z and Game should definitely be up there. But come on... no Nas, Black Thought, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Pharaoh Monch... even Saigon for fuck's sake. There are so many other MCs that deserve to be on that list over. Young Jeezy???? Jim Jones???? Are you kidding me? So depressing.


Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne is not "The Best Rapper Alive". Yes, he has an excellent flow but by no means is the best. Lyrically he is average. Most people would argue this but Wayne only throws out a handful of hot bars on his tracks and then babbles. I've listened to both "da drought 3" and "the drought is over 3" with the later definitely showing much more focused and refined ability. "Da Drought 3" is mediocre and his references to Baby or "Daddy" as he refers to him ride on homoseuality, serving as hypocritical to the image that he represents. Representation in this age of rap is key so there is no way possible for Lil' Wayne to be considered #1. You also referred to MTV's list of hottest MCs in the game as of now. The names you gave are definitely not making hot tracks and delivering hype to the game and that's why they didn't make the cut.

Anonymous said...

Lil wayne is the best no matter what anyone say. He can make freestyles better than any can, and he is the quickest to make a song. He makes the rap game look easy but in the song "Im Me" from the album The Leak he explain it wasn't. So if anyone makes a comment about what I said it don't matter because he is the best no matter what anyone says.And If you all think Im lying check out the song the sky is the limit in the Drought 3 album. And if you still think he's not the best then you listen to him in the album "Tha block is hot" and this is when he was 15 years of age. And Lil Wayne will be "Young Money Cash Money" till he die.

ardalan said...

kidding me man? 50 is still alive!
he is in top with shady no matter u like it or not!

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