Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Just Got Schooled

So this blog has been active for less than 2 hours and I already got schooled by 2 colleagues. The previously mentioned Jon and now my good friend, Bairam "Your mother's Albanian" Rizai, both gave me pointers on how I can make this blog look less like this, and more like this. Serious props to my boy Bairam, who is Muslim and is observing Ramadan, where you fast from sun up to sun down for an entire month. Check out this picture of B-Ram as a youngster eating a marshmallow and cream-cheese sandwich (on wheat bread). Being the good Jew that I am, I fasted yesterday for Yom Kippur. What a great concept... act like an a$$hole all year long, then don't eat for one day and I'm good? My ancestors would be rolling over in their graves if they knew where I decided to break my fast though... Chevy's Mexican Cuisine. AND, I definitely got a whole bunch of cheese & meat combinations in my feast. Deal with it.

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