Friday, July 06, 2007

Sammy Davis Jr. only had 1 eye

But Andre 3000 has 2. Andre Benjamin, of Outkast fame, will be playing the legendary Sammy Davis Jr. in an upcoming movie titled Sammy and Kim. It will be about his relationship with Kim Novak, who was smokin' hot back in the day. Well done Sammy! How cool must it have been to be part of the Rat Pack? Ah, to be young, black, talented and Jewish during those days...

On a side note, true story-

On a trip to LA with good friends Evan, Jose and G-Money a few years ago, we were driving down Melrose and I swore that I saw Andre entering a store. Nobody believed me at first, but we finally pulled over and Evan and I went into the shoe store where I thought I had seem him go in. Sure enough, there was Andre about to try on a new pair of kicks. I commented on his selection and he was very grateful for having me offer my opinion. Seemed like a really cool guy. That's all that happened.

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